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Puerto Rico


Hurricane Maria Relief Work

After Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, the island was left without power as well as in need of housing, food, and water. Some areas still don’t have power, while power overall continues to fluctuate. 

Help is needed to address stress and trauma to prevent PTSD, provide EMDR to those most impacted, and train their clinicians.  BTCGW is a top EMDR trauma and training team of specialists able to deploy their mobile specialists monthly and train the island clinicians to address the magnitude of the issues.

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Training dates and locations are in place. We need sponsors to cover the cost so clinicians can get a break. They can’t wait. Neither, should we. 

In honor of those who have survived the corruption, turmoil, neglect, gaslighting, and nepotism in Puerto Rico. We are standing for you and with you for RicanStruction.

EMDR Training in Puerto Rico

We are currently providing the following:

  1. EMDR training specialized to PR culture, issues, and needs

  2. Pro Bono EMDR consultation so that those who are trained may continue to develop their skills to match the need of the issues

  3. Pro bono EMDR therapy to clinicians as the healers need help too

  4. Pro bono therapy to the clients of clinicians whose skill set in EMDR is not in certain areas of complexity

  5. Education, therapy, and support on trauma disease prevention and addiction including process addictions such as sex addiction, work addiction, video game, and porn addiction

The Greater San Juan TRN Association aims to provide healing EMDR therapy services to individuals, groups, and families who have experienced traumatic incidents related to Hurricane Maria and the subsequent aftermath of traumas due to lack of resources.


Joel Ventura Hernandez coordinates the TRN with Jennifer Jones as the functioning EMDRIA Approved Consultant. Jennifer has gone through extensive training to develop the skills necessary to provide top of the line EMDR consultation and pro bono services to psychologists and LPCs on the island.  The more clinicians in Puerto Rico that have the opportunity to learn EMDR and have the support to continue to develop their EMDR skills, the more trauma healing the island can receive. It is an understatement of how necessary this is in Puerto Rico, as much of the island is still in PTSD survival mode over a year following the hurricane.


Should you want more information or if you are interested in getting involved with supporting the Greater San Juan TRN Association, you can contact Joel Ventura Hernandez at 787-518-2357 or Jennifer Jones at 414-335-3024. 

Future focus:

  1. 5-10 year mental health RicanStruction plan of the above

  2. Train the top clinicians to become EMDR certified and then EMDR consultants who will become part of the training team to provide culturally attuned and conscious EMDR training worldwide in English and Spanish

  3. A Global Wellness Center in PR with top cross-trained clinicians in trauma and addiction, holistic techniques combined with integrative medical medicine

  4. Mental Health Criss RicanStruction Symposium – more details to come

  5. RicanStruction fundraisers

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