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Healing Intensives with Jennifer Jones, MS, LPC

Jennifer Jones, MS, LPC, CSAT, CCP, EMDR Trainer, Master Reiki Practitioner


Jennifer Jones is a licensed psychotherapist in the mental health field since 1995. She is a certified EMDR therapist, EMDR consultant, EMDR HAP facilitator, and EMDRIA approved trainer.


Jennifer is cross-trained in holistic treatment and incorporates mindfulness, meditation, breathwork & spirituality for a high level of well-rounded individual attunement.


She specializes in children with RAD, ADHD, PTSD, sensory issues, behavior problems, adoption & attachment as well as complex trauma. Other specialties include treatment of sex addiction, including pornography & video game addiction, other process addictions such as spending, shopping, exercise, food, love & relationships & fetishes. She is the only EMDR trainer cross-trained as a CSAT. Additional expertise is on men’s issues, spiritual conflicts, and LGBTQ focus.


Jennifer has been utilizing EMDR since 2002. Her extensive experience began with in-home therapy of children involved in CPS and foster care due to abuse and neglect. This included all forms of abuse, including emotional, physical, and sexual, as well as working with the parents to improve attachment and healing. Current work is providing trauma healing intensives and global humanitarian work as a trauma specialist with Be the Change Global Wellness nonprofit.


EMDRIA awarded Jennifer the 2016 EMDR Advocacy Award for her significant contribution of commitment & dedication to EMDR. Jennifer is also a Certified Colorpuncture Practitioner and a Master Reiki Practitioner. She is trained in Past Life Regression Therapy. Jennifer strives to achieve optimum care for patient wellness.


Intensives are designed to address issues of repair and healing from Trauma, Sex or Process Addictions, and Marital/Partner Betrayal from Sex Addiction. The trauma of a partner with sex addiction can be healed in an intensive, allowing relief from the trauma as well as facilitating repair of the relationship if repair is desired. Intensives may also address parenting issues, child or teen behaviors, family discord, adult sibling issues, bereavement and grief, addiction and trauma, and adult children of dysfunctional families or addictive families. Each client is assessed for trauma, addiction, and mental health issues provided techniques to stabilize and process traumatic issues for relief and freedom to move forward. An individualized aftercare plan and appropriate referrals will be provided at the end of the intensive.

Healing Intensive Information:

First Intensive discounted rate for 20-hour intensive - $4000
30-hour Intensives for Couples, Siblings, and Family - $6000


Ongoing Therapy Package Rates:

15 Sessions at $275/hour - $4125

25 Sessions at $250/hour - $6250

30 Sessions $225/hour- $6750

40 Sessions $200/hour- $8000


Sex Addiction Recovery Intensives with Certified Sex Addiction Therapists:

20-30 hours ($300/hour)


  • Customized Recovery Intensives that work directly from the residential discharge plan to optimize results. Intensive work will deepen the work that was started during residential treatment: whether it is more stabilization to prepare for trauma work, more daily support(sponsor, accountability partners, finding meetings both in-person and online)as well as creating a workable schedule based on current living situations and parameters. Also included are advanced relapse support.


Trauma Intensives:


  • Customized trauma and attachment work including somatic work

  • Week-long intensives for those who need to work through trauma to further their healing

  • Couple's work will be available to help improve insight and healing into triggers and blocks within the dynamic of the couple as well as improve support, communication, understanding, and accountability. The underlying wounds, whether addiction based or trauma-based, occurred during an "attachment tear" or hole. These types of wounds need to be processed with the skill set of attuned "attachment" holding space.

  • Additionally, a full psycho-bio-social-spiritual assessment, including physical symptoms, will be provided to prepare the body for doing deep trauma work such as EMDR/Somatic healing.

  • Needle-less Acupuncture will be provided as well as Biomat relaxation sessions for improved integration (each of these can continue at home after the intensive).

  • Reiki is used to improve deeper integration and clear the fascia to expand consciousness.

  • All modalities are chosen by the client and based on the client's needs at the time of the assessment.

  • Treatment may also include "parts work" when needed, deep somatic processing, processing of dissociative coping that often stall the recovery process. 3-circle recovery plans and support are offered. An aftercare plan is included to continue the healing process and support when returning home and to a current ongoing therapist.

Concierge Therapeutic Recovery Support


  • 15 minute to 1-hour phone calls

  • trigger/relapse support

  • recovery/prevention and self-care support


​This is for those needing a solid consistent and therapeutic accountability support. This is NOT a replacement for a sponsor. It is often used as step-down support from residential care OR when residential isn't financially possible (when working with a CSAT therapist). Additionally, this may offer support for underlying mental health issues to support "sponsor based" recovery as not all sponsors understand the impact of mental health on recovery/relapse.

Call (262 ) 646-8288 for more information on pricing and to see if this is appropriate for your care and needs.

Intensives are non-refundable and can be rescheduled with 30 days' notice to another future intensive date in the year based on availability.


Accommodations are on your own and not included in the package.

Kimpton Journeyman Hotel is nearby.

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