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Healing Retreats




explains/shows flyer we have for it which includes yoga therapy, mindfulness, mediation, emdr, etc. with a button for how to contact us if interested in signing up

What is an EMDR Session Like?

EMDR is part of an integrated treatment approach and is often used together with other therapeutic treatments such as play therapy, behavior therapy and family therapy.

Can EMDR Help All Children and Adults?

EMDR can be used with children, adolescents and adults of all ages. Since we are all made of cells, tissues, neurons, and the ability to process experiences through our sensory inputs…..all beings can benefit from EMDR therapy.  For some individuals it will require more preparatory work in order to get to the place that one is ready for EMDR.  Since all Be The Change Global Wellness practitioners are at the highest trained integrated skillset level and practice, all levels of disturbance can be healed and transformed.

How Does EMDR Work?

In 1987, psychologist Francine Shapiro, Ph. D. made the chance observation that, under certain conditions, eye movements can reduce the intensity of negative, disturbing thoughts. Since her initial discovery, there have been more controlled research studies investigating EMDR than any other trauma therapy. Reviewers around the world agree that EMDR is effective in the treatment of traumatic events.”  ~2009 EMDRIA brochure

Since then research and neurobiology has found that the way our mind-body works is by taking in sensory information {see components of memory diagram} and the left and right hemispheres of the brain during normal processing will integrate that information and store it as adaptive or as learned information such as one does if going to a job training.

However, when the autonomic nervous system is activated,the fight or flight response kicks in to address the experience the individual is in at that time. Depending on how the mind-body interprets this, it can be stored as trauma if the action was not able to be completed at the time of the experience;  the information system stops processing and prepares itself for physiological recovery.  This is where EMDR works to complete that processing and allow the mind-body system to go back to the left-right brain integration processing and adaptive, positively stored information for the individual to access for future use.

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