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The Silverback Super Nova: a beaded bracelet that means business. Step out with confidence and style with this bold, double-wide black and white statement piece. Complete your look by adding this handcrafted cuff to your wardrobe, elevating your style with its distinct and eye-catching design, beautifully complementing Mother Sierras original Super Nova bracelet!


All of Mother Sierras pieces are genuinely and sustainably handmade by Wixárika & Otomí families in Mexico & Maya families in Guatemala.


The manufacturing process is a family affair, taking place at the leisure of our artisans and in the comfort of their own homes. There is not a single factory or assembly line anywhere in our chain of production and it shows in the quality and durability of our pieces.

Bracelet - Silverback Super Nova (Mother Sierra)

    • Size: 15.25 x 10 cm / 6" x 4" (without closure)
    • Weight: 1.5 oz
    • Color: Silver, Black, White
    • Materials: Preciosa Ornela Beads
    • Handmade in Guatemala
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